Thursday, May 1, 2014

SharePoint 2013 User Profile Synchronization Timer Schedules

After much research and trials/tribulations I think I now have a grasp on the AD User Profile security and attribute update timing. There are multiple jobs, each of which play a part. In this example, I also list a scheduled task for updating User Profile Pictures. This is a powershell script which forces the photo store to update in scenarios where users' pictures are uploaded to Active Directory as opposed to through SharePoint MySites.

User Profile Synchronization Timer Schedules

With the below profile and user token synchronization settings, when changes are made to user’s  account, there will be a synchronization delay of up to 35 minutes for the change to reflect in the system.  (Security settings update every 10 minutes; profile attribute changes update within 35 minutes; and audiences within 15 minutes)

Run frequency
User Profile to SharePoint Full Synchronization
Syncronizes users’ AD/UME attributes whether those users’ attributes changed or not.
Weekly – Saturdays @3 am cst
User Profile Incremental Synchronization
Synchronizes users’ AD/UME attributes which is listed in “Change log” in AD.
Minutes – every 30 minutes
User Profile to SharePoint Quick Synchronization
Pushes attributes from User Profile Service to SharePoint site
Minutes – every 5 minutes
User Profile Audience Compilation
Updates memberships of defined
Minutes – every 15 minutes
WindowsTokenLifetime (windows based authentication)
Amount of time a user’s token will live before refreshing (thus receiving updated permissions)
Minutes – every 10 minutes
Minimum lifetime of a token returned from the logon token cache
Minutes – every 5 minutes
ContentService TokenTimeout
Amount of time before a user token times out
Daily – every 24 hours
Profile Picture Update
Amount of time before a user’s profile picture change is updated (run via task scheduler on primary SharePoint application server)
Minutes – every 30 minutes

Full User Profile Synchronization only needs occur under below scenarios and is therefore only scheduled to run weekly:
1.            Configured property mappings
2.            Change users OU

3.            Change the filter of Sync Connection in SP