Friday, January 24, 2014

Backup SharePoint 2013

After building 4 farms, I deployed powershell to backup each farm (full farm backup), I quickly ran out of disk space for backups (250GB) as the backup-spfarm command-let will not overwrite a pre-existing farm backup (spbr0000 directory), therefore, I only had enough disk to retain one backup of each environment.

Enter SharePoint Backup Augmentation Cmdlets from CodePlex (

SharePointBAC makes it possible to groom backup sets, archive backups, and more. While the version on codeplex supports 2010, I was able to obtain the 2013 source files from Trevor Seward, MVP.

Once the solution is added and deployed, the following 5 new command-lets become available:

  1. Get-SPBackupCatalog: Retrieves an SPBackupCatalog object for a selected backup location and exposes properties of the catalog
  2. Export-SPBackupCatalog: Generates an export/archive of one or backup sets that is compressed as a zip file by default
  3. Remove-SPBackupCatalog: Performs grooming (i.e., cleaning out old backups) on a backup catalog and its associated backup sets
  4. Send-SPBackupStatus: E-mails a summary of the last backup operation to selected recipients using the farm's outbound e-mail configuration
  5. Set-SPBackupCatalog: Updates properties on an SPBackupCatalog object (more specifically, its underlying spbrtoc.xml catalog file)
        Here is a sample .ps1 script utilizing SharePointBAC solution which will backup farm and retain only the most recent backup:

        Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell
        $cat = Get-SPBackupCatalog \\server\Share
        Backup-SPFarm -Directory \\server\Share -BackupMethod Full
        $cat | Remove-SPBackupCatalog -RetainCount 1 -Confirm:$false
        $cat | Send-SPBackupStatus -Recipients ""

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