Friday, August 16, 2013

Keep SharePoint Farms Synchronized with Mixed Versions of SP

Metalogix releases Replicator for SharePoint..

Sync Across Any Version of SharePointSync Real-time Across Multiple Farms
Replicator finds the most efficient path across your network when syncing content across multiple farms. Content follows users as they go through their workday, regardless of where they are located. Replicator scales as your organization grows, ensuring that content is in-sync with your users. Replicator can sync immediately after changes happen or on a regular schedule, boosting productivity and collaboration and reducing errors and operational risks.
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Sync Across Any Version

SharePoint is constantly evolving, with organizations deploying new versions regularly. Replicator provides the ability to synchronize content between distant farms across any combination of SharePoint 2007, 2010 and 2013. Keep SharePoint in sync during a migration, merger, and acquisition or when sharing content with an organization outside of your network.
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Control What is Replicated

Organizations now use SharePoint globally, which often means 
that you may need to provide user access to all or just some 
content for business, security and compliance reasons. Replicator 
eliminates this problem by delivering the right content to 
different divisions and locations. You manage a master content 
database at headquarters and decide what to share with remote 
farms, with granularity from entire web applications to specific 
list item.

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Sync Despite Poor Connections

Synchronizing SharePoint farms in remote offices or offshore locations 
can be tricky. Spotty network bandwidth and slow connections pose 
huge hurdles. Replicator overcomes these hurdles by automatically 
adapting to changing network conditions and rerouting content where 
it needs to go.

Make Content Highly AvailableOutages happen. Yet your 

content must be “always on” for customers, partners and employees. 

Set up a safety net by replicating content across multiple SharePoint 

farms. Give users continuous access to SharePoint even if any part of 

your environment fails. Use Replicator for up time during power, system 

or network failures and planned outages.

Replicator Sync Farms

Replicate to and from the Cloud

Want to use the Cloud to improve high availability or remote access? 
Replicate all or some of your content to Azure, Amazon or 
other cloud providers. Replicator's fast SharePoint synchronization and 
low bandwidth requirements make it the ideal SharePoint replication 
solution to extend content to the Cloud.
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Extend SharePoint to Partners and Customers

Share documents with partners and customers by setting up a server 
outside your firewall and synchronizing with headquarters. Replicator 
works through firewalls and ensures security when extending your 
business to external business partners.
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Prioritize Sync Based on Rules

Rank what replicates first, because your financial data is more important 
than company party pictures. Classify and prioritize content based on 
important site collections, list items or metadata such as document 
type, file size, or file name. Ensure the most important 
content is available and distributed on time.
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Conflicts? What Conflicts?

Resolve document version conflicts according to rules you define, either 
manually or automatically. For example, if the date on an inbound 
item is older than the date on an existing item, specify whether to skip it,
replace it, or create a report for further review. Email team members about
 conflicts for faster resolution.
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Visually Manage Your SharePoint Replication

See your overall SharePoint layout to verify you've made the right connections 
and your content arrives in time. Verify the status of all your SharePoint 
replication activity over multiple servers, across distant farms, in one 
place. Drill down to see detailed traffic information and view replication 
trends by day, week, or month. Confidently know where your documents are 
in your SharePoint landscape.

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