Thursday, January 17, 2013

Print Calendar and/or Lists

Have you ever had the need to print a day's activity from a SharePoint calendar, or any other list/library, in an easy to read format?

There are a few options to accomplish this task (I will cover just a few).
  • Create a new list view - good for a single calendar (does not scale well - requires creating a new view for each calendar)
  • Add a new feature providing a print ability for every list/library from the 'Actions' > 'Print' menu.
  • If it is a single list/library/calendar AND you are using Outlook, you can import the list/library/calendar into Outlook and print the same format as Outlook calendars:
    • Open SharePoint Calendar in Outlook

      1. Open the calendar that you want to print on the SharePoint website.
      2. Click "Connect to Outlook" in the "Actions" group on the "Calendar" tab.
      3. Click "Allow" to confirm that you want to allow the SharePoint website to open Outlook on your computer. Outlook automatically opens.
      4. Click "Yes" to confirm that you want the SharePoint calendar to connect to Outlook. The SharePoint calendar automatically appears in Outlook under "Other Calendars."

    • Print the SharePoint Calendar

      1. Click "Other Calendars" in the navigation pane in the left side of the window. Click the SharePoint calendar to open it.
      2. Click the "File" tab in Microsoft Outlook, then click "Print."
      3. Select "Calendar Details" style under "Print What" to print the complete details of the SharePoint calendar.
      4. Click "Print Options" to select print options such as the date range or printing a specific page. Click "Print" after selecting your options to print the SharePoint calendar.

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