Wednesday, January 9, 2013

SP 2013 - Introducing the Content Search Web Part

Have you ever wanted to display content on a page from another site collection and been unsuccessful in finding an out of the box solution? Those days are now gone!

Microsoft has included a new web part called Content Search. With the tight integration of SharePoint Search and FAST for SharePoint Search in SharePoint 2013, Microsoft added the Content Search Web Part to address the issue of not being able to cross site collections for the content aggregation. In fact, the Content Search Web Part will display all content available in the search index, regardless if it is SharePoint content or not! (As long as viewers have read rights to the content)

The Content Search Web Part can be found in the Content Roll-up category of the Web Part Gallery. (Content Search is not available on Office 365 right now, but we are working on enabling it in the future.)

Reference - Content Search Web Part

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